About Hello Bard

Hello Bard is an independent game development company by the
award winning designer Bard Hole Standal. 

Bard lives in Norway with his girlfriend and their two children.
They also have a cat and a bunch of cute polar bear cubs. 
You should ask to see photos of those cubs, they are seriously cute.

Contact: business@hellobard.com

To see more of Bard's work, take a look at his portfolio:


Need to get in touch about a great business deal you want to offer me? Have a ton of bitcoins that you need to give to someone awesome? Hell, maybe someone broke your heart and you need to cry all over a stranger with a nice name? Perhaps you want to scam me into giving you a ton of Steam keys for my games? Great! 

Get in touch with me via bard@hellobard.com or use the form below!

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Our Office

Secret Location.
Arctic, Oslo, Norway

Email: business@hellobard.com
Support: lordvard@hellobard.com