Animal Drivers Icons

Ahh... the app icon.

A lost art, some say. An unthinkable pain, other say. 
Right now I'm with the latter crowd. Have been putting this off for quite some time. Ironically, every other app icon I have done has been super simple, made it work and had it stick on the first go. But for Animal Drivers, it is really different. Maybe it's because it's so damn important. The first thing you see in the App Stores, and what you base your decision of whether or not to download on. 
I particularly like the colors and attitude in the first one. The second really tells you all about the game, and what it's about. I think I'll have to make more sketches before this decision falls! 

Until then, I'm going to go roll around in pig fat to get my creative juices going. 
There, that's my secret to staying creative. Pig fat.

Here's this post from the Animal Drivers Facebook page. Feel free to press that Like button! ^___^

Some icon sketches for Animal Drivers , having trouble deciding on the direction of these. Will need to sketch more... What do you guys think?

Posted by Hello Bard on Sunday, May 10, 2015