Making a trailer (while carrying a baby around)

June saw the birth of our beautiful daughter Isolde, and with it came a very natural drop in productivity in regards to Animal Drivers. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for us as a family, especially with the stress and worries of an imminent C-section. It was all suddenly over, and then we had a new person in our little family! 

My deadline for this whole Animal Drivers project had been "before the birth", but I totally missed that. I knew once she was born, I'd have very little time to work on the game. In between nappy changes, crying fits that require constant carrying and walking around, etc; I still managed to get a trailer cut and out on YouTube.


Recording it in 60 FPS required a workhorse of a PC, and I couldn't do that on my Macbook Air. But I finally got it all done, and started cutting the best moments together. I think it came out quite nice in the end! 

Trailers. Man. So much work.
— Aristotle

Rare occasion - both of them sleeping at the same time!

Rare occasion - both of them sleeping at the same time!

So here it is, the trailer, in all of it's glory. Music by the amazingly talented LIEKE (who also did the soundtrack!)


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