Common words in games localized - Crowd sourcing!


While setting up localization for my game "Animal Drivers" I realized there are quite a few common words in gaming that could very easily be collected into a page for indie developers around the world to enjoy. And even better, what if one crowd-sourced this information and got as many languages as possible? Well this is my attempt at that, so if you know a word in a language or know of a common word that should be in the list, then please post it in the comments. I will update this post as soon as I find new translations, and once I have enough I will post a CSV spreadsheet ready for use with NGUI. Now if you're thinking of localizing your game or app, then you should consider that the most important languages with the largest markets for apps/games are: US, Japan, Korea, China.

Have a look at this GitHub repository I set up with an easy to read CSV file:

The list includes words like:

Start / Start Game, Next / Back, Continue, Restart / Restart Level, Try Again?, Home / Main Menu / Menu, Yes / No, Okay / OK, Cancel, Buy / Buy now, Coin / Coins, Key / Keys, Awesome / Cool!, Fight!

Update: Someone just pointed me in the direction of this Google Doc with every imaginable game word translated:

I have no idea if it's verified by native speakers or just Google Translated though, so be aware.


For larger translation needs, these are supposed to be quite cheap (and good): & &

Translation success stories: Results of Translating Hit Tenns 3

How many people in the world speak English and how well they speak it: