Unity Android Tip: Testing Android apps on the cheap

So you are a total Apple fanboy, but you want to port your game to Android to make some extra bucks. I get it, we're the same you and I. Hey, look we're even wearing the same t-shirt. Go figure. There are a couple of unconventional and cheap/free options to test an Android app.

1. Samsung Developer

Samsung has an excellent service for their developers (signing up is free), and it's a testbed of virtual Android devices of all of their phone/tablet models. You connect via the web, and you can upload your APK file directly and test to see if your game/app works. It's somewhat slow, but if you don't have the cash to get a bunch of Android devices, this is the best option out there.

Link here

2. Get a cheap stock Android tablet off Ebay for just $50 Go to Ebay.com and search for "android tablet". Set the Price + postage/shipping option and look for something around 30-50 dollars. These are perfectly decent devices with dual-core CPUs, and you'll be able to test your apps on a great low-end device. This way, you can figure out what everyone one Google Play will complain about (and they complain A LOT).

Cheap! Android! Crap!
Cheap! Android! Crap!

3. Borrow/steal a friend/foe's Android device.

So there we go, three two excellent options for testing your Unity apps on the cheap!

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