Incredibly realistic and fun 3D car physics! Do crazy jumps and drive cars that feel REALLY good!

Complete goals to unlock new levels, earn coins and points!

Several awesome cars to choose from! Each one is carefully optimized and comes complete with fluffy, ultra-kawaii animals poking their heads out of places they really shouldn't be!

Simple controls, easy to pick up and play - challenging to master. Comes with touch controls and some limited gamepad support (Apple MFi) at launch. 

Record and share your most insane stunts with the world on YouTube, Facebook and Everyplay!

Free and (and most importantly) FAIR to play! Complete goals to unlock levels or buy them right away with purchased coins. Earn coins by playing the game, so you can buy cars and upgrades.



Apple Game Center support (iOS). Earn every achievement in the game and try to get to the top of the leaderboards!

Metal and 64 bits support means extra graphical improvements for the latest Apple devices!

iCloud support for saving your progress and playing across Apple devices!

▸ All money earned from in-app purchases and advertisements go to supporting my family. So in other words; DIAPERS! Lots of them, and I mean a lot!    Oh god. So...many...many...diapers.

▸ More cars and levels coming as soon as I can make them! (which can take a while, so please be patient:)


Please be advised that it is possible to make In-App Purchases within Animal Drivers and that there are advertisements shown. 

If you have any problems running the game, please describe the issue, which device you’re on and the OS version to Thank you for your patience and support in making this a great game for everyone playing.