Drive blazing fast cars and do epic stunts with the furriest drivers in the world!

Choose your driver and car, hit the road at intense speeds and do neck-breaking stunts and tricks!

Rev your engine and unleash its incredible power before hitting a jump and flying through a giant donut in the Stunt Jump Hunt! Hunt down the five letters, free the animals from their cages and find the lost kitten on every level.

Each crazy trick you pull earns you points so you can bust your high scores through the roof! Complete the goals and you unlock the next level. Collect coins to buy cars like Lord Hoxton’s “Land Badger” SUV or Crayari’s epic “Crayari GT 500” and upgrade them to their top level for higher speed and better handling. Animal Drivers was created by lone developer Bard Hole Standal in his spare time over a period of three years! #indiegamedev #sleepdeprivation