*** iLounge Review: Grade A- ***
"Jack and Joe is a really cute little book that has plenty of art, audio, and fun for the price; it’s certainly worthy of our high recommendation, your attention, and further editions" –iLounge.com

The Adventures of Jack and Joe is an exciting new interactive children's book made especially for the Apple iPhone and iPad. It's a story about a boy named Joe and his Siberian husky puppy Jack. Together they are the best friends in the whole world! All they do is have fun and play games with each other. In the book they show you how by running around like crazy monkeys, dressing up like giant robots, disco dancing with cool shades on and playing hide and seek with you. As the story unfolds, we learn that Joe is jealous of Jack for being a cool little husky and we see how the clever little dog figures out a way for both of them to become huskies!

-several pages with interactive tasks for kids to play with like hide and seek and coloring
-a fun and engaging story
-full audio soundtrack by acclaimed voice actress Katie Leigh 
-text so kids can learn to read with the app
-27 pages of fun for kids of all ages!