Developer & Artist: Bard Hole Standal
Location: Oslo, Norway
Release date: 2015
Platforms: iOS / Android / Amazon / Android TV and PC & Mac Coming to Steam 2016 (Greenlit)
Websites: /
Languages: English (more coming)

Art, design and programming: Bard Hole Standal
Music: LIEKE
Programming assistance: Odin Standal & Jose Contreras
PR and Marketing: Lord Vard (aka Ruler of Earth, Evil Destroyer of Cake)

Press kit with logos, screenshots, gifs and a ridiculous photo of Bard can be downloaded here.
Gameplay trailer:


(aka a quiet chat with Bard and his PR alter-ego, Lord Vard)

You made this game alone?
Uh. Yes. 
Lord Vard: I contribued too. I drew a picture of a pig! ....It didn't make it into the game.

What kind of games inspired Animal Drivers?
Bard:  Visually and in terms of style, I have this crazy crazy love for "Zelda: Windwaker" on Gamecube. It's just perfection in terms of stylized 3D. 
When it comes to gameplay I liked the free-roaming gameplay ideas from GTA and also the goal systems used in extreme sport games. Like do all these goals within a certain amount of time, but do them however you want.
Lord Vard: I like Diablo. And Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures.

How did you make the game?
Bard: I used Unity 3D to make the game itself, along with a plugin called Edy's Vehicle Physics for anything car-physics related. Everything in the game is modelled/rigged/animated in Autodesk Maya, and every single texture is hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator.
The latter is so ridiculously time-consuming!
Lord Vard: I made the coffee and bought donuts while rubbing my unholy master's neck! ^___^ 

How is the game funded?
Bard: Money? What? I work for the Norwegian state, I don't have any!  
Lord Vard: Funny story, we actually stole money from poor peasants and drunk men what fell asleep on trains! I personally stole also candy from at least five babies and sold it through a fence at a middle-school. Wait, should I be admitting crimes in a public interview?
Forget I ever said these things...

Why do you have a weird PR alter-ego?
Lord Vard: I am here to handle all kinds of gamer gates. I feed on hatred, vitriol and disgusting comment fields. Please email me at lordvard[at] if you have something truly despicable to say about Animal Drivers. I'm here to listen!