Woeful Woebots is an action-packed arcade shooter made from the ground up for VR! 
It's an endless circle of fun that never stops fun'ing!

  • Shoot moving robots that die when you kill them!
  • Move somewhat freely around the level by shooting carefully placed target points!
  • NO motion sickness (almost*) semi-guaranteed in a super-non legally binding way!  
  • Fight with your friends over the who can climb to the top of the amazingly innovative local high score list!
  • Absolutely NO multiplayer at all! Be completely free from the pressures of online fighting that could RUIN your FRIENDS!
    (yes that's a unique feature!)

* does not apply if you are playing this game on a boat in stormy weather or in a car flying off a cliff or if played on top of a speeding truck while fighting off oncoming traffic